Back To The Beginning

Creation Ministries International will be joining Community Baptist Church on the 28th January for a special service.

The Back To The Beginning presentation will take a fresh look at Creation, the Fall, the Flood, and Babel and it aims to:

  • affirm the importance of these ‘beginnings’;
  • connect the Genesis way-markers to up-to-date scientific facts;
  • present the material in an easy to understand way

Without Jesus Christ and His Word, nothing really makes any sense, and human existence would ultimately be futile. It’s our conviction that the Bible is still completely authoritative in the 21st Century – and the numerous fascinating scientific facts and discoveries give powerful testimony to it’s total reliability.

Our talk will be from Dominic Statham B.Sc, D.I.S, C. Eng., who is the author of ‘Evolution: Good Science? Exposing the ideological nature of Darwin’s theory’ and is now a speaker and writer for Creation Ministries International.

The presentation forms part of our Sunday Morning service on the 28th January, and as always there will be refreshments and a Creation Ministries International bookstall at the event.