Barnabas the Encourager

If any church member or attendee is not currently getting the weekly ‘Newsletter and Message’ from the church then please contact Pastor and get him to pop you onto our mailing list. We’d hate you to miss out on all the great teaching we’ve been receiving during the lockdown.

Today’s message was on Barnabas the Encourager. In normal times we all need encouragement but even more so in the trying times we currently live in.

Our Barnabas introduction started with Acts 4:36-17 and we learnt we must

  • Encourage the worried – Acts 9:26-27
  • Encourage the disciples – Acts 11:22-23, Romans 4:19, 1 Thess 5:11
  • Encourage the discouraged – 2 Timothy 4:11

It’s at times like these when everyone needs a friend. At Community Baptist Church we need to make every effort to reach out to those around us who seem lonely or who’ve been rejected by others. Our community is full of people with challenges and concerns. We need to be a friend to anyone who needs one. That’s exactly what Jesus did, and He expects the same from us.

Our message today contains lots of great insight and we challenge anyone to get in touch with Pastor if you haven’t got copy. It’s so important to keep in touch with Community Baptist during these unusual circumstances, to be uplifted by the Word of God and the ongoing updates from the church.

Let’s glorify God and be an encouragement to those around us today.