Change of Venue

We are going on a road trip Church!


On Sunday 20th May our morning service is being moved. The Longfield Centre has been fully booked and the library (our usual default secondary location) is also out of action.

So we are taking a little road trip. The service is going to take place at the Elizabethan Suite, Bury. This is part of the Town Hall complex right in the middle of the town. It’s close to both the bus station and Metrolink stop for anyone travelling on public transport.

There are 4 parking spaces at the front of the Elizabethan Suite that can be used. You just need to get a pass from the Duty Manager on arrival. We also have the ceremonial car park at the back of the Town Hall open and free to use on a Sunday.

There is a slight chance the lift won’t be functioning on the 20th as it’s currently being replaced. It should be up and running by that date, but if it isn’t, there is access to the Elizabethan Suite from under the Town Hall.

This is only for the morning service. Our normal evening service will be back at The Longfield Centre as normal.

For any further information please contact Pastor.