Dinosaurs, Dragons and DNA

We just want to thank Steve Taylor for his highly informative talk on Sunday titled Dinosaurs, Dragons and DNA. It’s always a blessing to learn about Gods creation and this presentation illuminated our understanding of biblical truths even further.

Steve is a Professor of Electrical Engineering and Electronics at Liverpool University where he’s also the head of the mass spectrometry research group. He’s also a committed Christian and has been actively involved for many years with organisations such as Creation Ministries International and Answers in Genesis. The video below is his personal testimony.

Extended versions of the wonderful presentation we had on Sunday can also be found on the Answers in Genesis YouTube channel. It’s a 2 part presentation focusing on the flood and on dinosaur sightings. If anyone missed Steve’s talk on Sunday then the videos below should be a blessing.

Dinosaurs, Dragons and DNA – part 1: the Flood

Dinosaurs, Dragons and DNA – part 2: Dinosaur sightings