The eyes of the LORD

“The eyes of the LORD are upon the righteous, and his ears are open unto their cry.”

Psalm 34:15 KJV

The human eye is a truly amazing phenomenon. Although accounting for just one fourth-thousandth of an adult’s weight, it is the medium which processes some 80% of the information received by its owner from the outside world. The tiny retina contains about 130 million rod-shaped cells, which detect light intensity and transmit impulses to the visual cortex of the brain by means of some one million nerve fibres, while nearly six million cone-shaped cells do the same job, but respond specifically to colour variation. The eyes can handle 500,000 messages simultaneously, and are kept clear by ducts producing just the right amount of fluid with which the lids clean both eyes simultaneously in one five-thousandth of a second.

Evolutionist Robert Jastrow once wrote: “The eye appears to have been designed; no designer of telescopes could have done better. How could this marvellous instrument have evolved by chance.” At Community Baptist Church we look at the eye as yet more evidence of the wonders of our Creator. We see His hand all over its design and complexity. Even evolutionists like Robert are stumped by the wonders of the human eye.

As we struggle on through this pandemic we are thankful for scriptures that uplift us and help in these difficult times. Psalm 34:15 is just one of those. It says “The eyes of the LORD are upon the righteous“.

Once again church we just continue to pray for guidance and direction at these challenging times. Although Pastor keeps producing messages and giving us weekly updates, we long for a time when we can be together again as a church. We can’t wait until a facility becomes available for us to meet in person. While we wait patiently, we know that the eyes of the LORD are upon us and His ears are open unto our cries.

Matthew 28:20 says “I am with you always, even unto the end of the world”

So keep praying folks. The Lord is always with us, His ears are inclined to us and his eyes are upon us. What an amazing God we serve.